Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walt Disney Studios Tour

Monday morning brought an end to our stay at The Barracks.
After a dash to the post office to mail home the assorted
banners, boxes, posters and swag, we loaded up into several
cars and began a caravan to Burbank and a tour
of the Walt Disney Studios. Comixguru is employed 
by Disney and was extremely generous to
arrange a tour for us.

I dozed most of the way, but was awake long enough
to realize that everything I have heard about
Los Angeles traffic is TRUE. Double ugh.

Our first stop on the tour was the commissary.
We had a delicious lunch - the options were
AMAZING - much more appetizing than
the Lean Cuisine frozen entree I
usually eat at my desk.

The tour through Disney Studios
was wondrous and magical, with happy memories
from my childhood sparked at every turn.
(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

When we entered the Animation Building
we discovered a directory of the current offices
of the people who inspired magic and wonder
for me as an adult - Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Eddy Kitsis and  Adam Horowitz also
were listed on the directory.
It took every ounce of self-control
to NOT "go visiting".

We were then led to the holy grail for
LOST fans - Building 23.
Michael Emerson leads this tour
(from the LOST DVD Extras)

The LOST sign has since been removed, but
my friends and I lined up in front of
Building 23 with a mixture of awe and reverence.
(photo courtesy Ian Knight)

 and two members of the group paid homage
 to Damon Lindelof by planking.

We lingered there as a group for awhile,
reflecting on the impact
LOST has made on us.

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