Sunday, August 14, 2011

LOST Alums at Comic-Con: The Vampire Diaries

Boone died too soon on LOST,
but Damon Salvatore (un)lives on
in The Vampire Diaries. 
Ian Somerhalder grew up to be sooooooo attractive.

TVD is a must-see show for me and
Thursdays are pretty much planned around 7PM.
(I live in Central Time Zone)
Nikita & Fringe used to round out
my Thursday viewing - until Fringe was moved to
Fridays (boo!)

It was a case of schedule conflict AGAIN!
of missing the Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con.
But I did get The Vampire Diaires
swag bag when picking up my SDCC badge.

The thing is ginormous. Quite frankly,
it is too big for me to carry around without dragging it
on the floor. One side displays SDCC 2011 logo

and the other - Stefan, Elena and Damon.

The bag got a little creased in my suitcase on return trip home.
 It should be okay after a little bit of ironing.

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