Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday at Comic-Con

I decided that I wasn't up for the long lines 
and forever waiting for any of the panels
scheduled on Sunday at Comic-Con.
(The long confinement in the "staging area"
from the previous day had taken its toll.)

I headed to the Con and just walked around
for a bit. I had two missions in mind....
score some swag for my friend Bonnie's
granddaughter and head to the Mondo booth.

Through some stretching of the truth...
okay- flat out giant lie, 
I talked a woman manning the Phineas & Ferb
booth out of posters and the much-in-demand
bags. Mission one accomplished.

I then headed over to the Mondo booth.
I knew that Kevin Tong, Daniel Danger and
Rob Jones were manning the booth at
various times, and I wanted to meet
some of the artists behind the DCaaPB 
LOST prints.
(photo courtesy Chris Leaning)

I was fortunate enough to meet all three artists
and purchased Kevin Tong's
"The Invisible Man" for my son 

and Daniel Danger's "Cowboys and Aliens"
for myself.
DCaaPB introduced me to not only some
fabulous LOST art but also to some amazing artists.
I have since purchased additional
(non-LOST) art by almost all of the artists
involved with both Series 1 and Series 2
of DCaaPB. 

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