Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thursday at Comic-Con

This is a LOST collection blog and while there were
   daily experiences that related to LOST
I also attended some amazing non-LOST events.
(But truthfully, EVERYTHING seemed to connect back to LOST,
because well - it's ME!)

A group of my Barracks housemates and I
  attended the Captain America: The First Avenger
World Premiere.  I had won a pass to the premiere
the week preceding Comic-Con.

I also received a pass for two to the premiere while
in line for Comic-Con Preview Night with
Comixguru and Nerderific 
(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

that I was able to pass on to two of The Barracks housemates.

We arrived at the theater about 3 hours prior
to the premiere of the movie to secure
a place in line. (The passes did not guarantee
entry into the theater. It was first come, first serve.)
I had the opportunity to meet several LOSTies
in person that I previously only knew on-line.

I met Steve Z. aka "Mr. Show" previously
only know through LostArgs interaction.
He was one of the LOSTies who along with Comixguru
posed with HOST (my head on a stick)
at the Gallery 1988 LOST Art Opening
in December 2009.

It was also a thrill to meet both Justin Sena and Cesar Diaz
since my LOST collection includes their work.

Justin is the artist behind "System Failure"

(glow in the dark element)

and "The Exit"
The Exit by Justin Sena

Cesar made the custom Charlie Pace Vinylmation

An hour or two into our wait in the looooonnnnngggg
line, tickets were passed out for entry into the theater.
My ticket was number 277 on the back.

We also received a 4-pack of Captain America buttons.

and a lithograph poster of the Tyler Stout
Captain America print released by Mondo.

(Tyler Stout of course also did an amazing 
LOST print for DCaaPB, Series 1)
Girls dressed in USO outfits passed out the swag
and also performed inside the theater prior
to the start of the movie. 
(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

I didn't realize that
the movie was in 3D until we were handed very cool
Captain America-branded  3D glasses
when we entered the theater.

There were rumors that Chris Evans would be attending
the premiere, and they proved to be true.

Chris Evans again, exiting theater (that's me taking iPhone
picture in lower right hand corner of photo)
(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

The movie was fantastic, really well done
and Chris Evan nailed it. 

I later received a Captain America poster at Comic-Con.
It measures 11" x17".

The Captain America: The First Avenger premiere
ran long, and Patrick McKinley and I had to run run run
to NERD HQ to pick up our badges
for the "Friends of the Nerdolution"
panel led by Zachary Levi.

Lo and behold, Jorge Garcia arrived around the same time
as Pat and I. Pat was able to have his picture taken with
Jorge before handlers ushered him away.
(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

The Friends of the Nerdolution Panel 
was amazing! The venue was "intimate" probably
fewer than 200 people in the audience.

The panel included Danny Pudi (Community), 
Alessandra Torresani (Caprica), 
Alison Hailslip (Attack of the Show!), Zachary Levi (Chuck), 
Olivia Munn (Perfect Couples), Jorge Garcia (LOST!!!!! & now Alcatraz)
and Josh Gomez (Chuck).

Everyone was relaxed, candid, and hysterically funny.
The panel was definitely one of the highlights of my stay
 in San Diego.

Several of my housemates at The Barracks also
attended the panel. Rob Perrin did a fantastic post about
Friends of the Nerdolution on his blog.
He is far more eloquent and has better pictures than yours truly, 
so be sure to check it out.

An autograph session followed the panel 
and I had everyone sign my sketchbook....

...with the exception of Jorge Garcia.
Jorge signed my "I <3 My Shih-Tzu" shirt

 (from print drop #7 of  DCaaPB) 

My friend Bonnie had same idea.
Jorge signed her Shih-Tzu shirt as well.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Several of my housemates from The Barracks
and I returned to the Convention Center
following the Friends of the Nerdolution panel.

We decided to attend the Legends panel in Hall H
featuring Jon Favreau and Guillermo de Toro.

Jon Favreau spoke about "Cowboys and Aliens"
(LOST connection of course: Damon Lindelof
co-wrote "Cowboys and Aliens" Clancy Brown aka 
Kelvin Inman co-stars in film. Additional Note:
I was finally able to acquire Clancy Brown's autograph
a couple of days later.)

Guillermo del Toro promoted the upcoming
"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark".
They were delightful - funny and irreverent.

Jon Favreau mentioned that he would be attending
two autograph signings with artist Drew Struzan the
following day. He also indicated tickets to
the "Cowboys and Aliens" World Premiere
would be given to a lucky few.

Guess what I did Friday morning?

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  1. Great post! Love seeing some of the events that I missed. Didn't realize you had scored Clancy's sig -- fantastic!