Monday, August 1, 2011

The Swan Station by MegoScott

One of the highlights of the LOSTie party at The Barracks
was meeting MegoScott aka Scott Adams, and
having him debut his newly completed
Swan Station playset for the 
BifBangPow! LOST Megos.

(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

The playset is incredible, awesome, amazing...
You can read more about it at Scott's blog:

I took pictures of the playset, beginning at the
front left corner and continuing around to the back
 to give you an idea of the incredible attention to detail
Scott gave to The Swan Station.

another shot of the pantry - view inside

The Orientation Film actually plays on the screen!!!

Scott had MiB's dagger custom-made and it is fantastic!

The final six LOST Megos were available for
purchase in the Entertainment Earth
booth at Comic Con. 

I just received the shipping notice for my set, 
so expect to hear about them soon. I've
been busy making/buying lots of outfits
and accessories to customize Sawyer, Juliet,
Jack, Sayid, Claire and Miles.

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