Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday at Comic-Con: Part 3 Picking up the Passes

Following the LOST panel, my mission was
to redeem the winning Cowboys and Aliens
card from earlier in the day for
World Premiere Passes.

I left the Convention Center and made
my way to the Cowboys and Aliens Saloon.

I turned in my card at the little booth pictured on left
side of above photo and received an instruction sheet
for the next day.

A map was printed on the back of the flyer.

I was then handed two GOLDEN TICKETS
on lanyards. (major Willy Wonka moment.
Now I know how Charlie felt.)

My name and phone number 
(!!? Why did they need my phone number?
...a phone call from Daniel Craig or
Harrison Ford....I sorta have active imagination)
were recorded next to the Golden Pass numbers
and I was off to dinner with my
Barracks housemates.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)
 I gave my 2nd "Golden Ticket" to my friend Bonnie,
and plans were made for the EPIC day ahead.

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