Sunday, August 14, 2011

LOST Alums at Comic Con: Person of Interest

I am so excited that Michael Emerson
is returning to TV this fall in
"Person of Interest".
(produced by JJ Abrams - yet another LOST connection)
I was able to acquire some "Person of Interest"
swag at Comic-Con.

Someone handed me a large postcard on the
Exhibition Hall floor. It was printed on two
sides, advertising "Person of Interest"
panel on Saturday, and redeemable for a
PoI TShirt at the CBS/CW/Showtime booth.

I ran to the booth and snapped a pic with my iPhone of the PoI
promo photo (on the back side of the booth) while waiting in line
to redeem the card for Tshirt. 

I also begged and pleaded to keep the postcard
once I was handed the Tshirt. *Eye-roll* from
the girl in the booth, but yay! success!

I returned to the CBS/CW/Showtime booth several 
times during Comic-Con and amassed about 10
of the PoI  mini-Sharpie-on-a-lanyards.... well as an 11"x17" PoI mini-poster.

I had hoped to attend the PoI panel and autograph
signing on Saturday, but scheduling conflict kinda
threw that out the window (more about that
scheduling conflict later - AWESOME).
I did watch the PoI panel online a few days ago.
Michael Emerson is mesmerizing to watch.
I could just listen to him read the dictionary
 and be entertained.

The final piece of PoI swag required
complicated trades and some more begging.
But I managed to score one of the PoI
key cards distributed to some guests
staying in hotels around the Convention Center .

Take note of the series premiere date,
another LOST connection - September 22.

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