Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Decorating The Barracks - Part 3: Banners, THE Quilt, a Polar Bear & a Palm Tree

I've covered the decorating of The Barracks on the outside
in the previous two posts.
We made sure that both of the condos that comprised
The Barracks were appropriately decorated on the inside as well.

My friend Bonnie displayed her famous LOST quilt next to 
an Oceanic banner I shipped from home.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

It was my first time seeing the quilt in person
and it is absolutely stunning. The quilt has made appearances
at several LOST events, and was signed by both
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse at
the LOST Art Exhibit Opening
at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles
in December of 2009.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)
You can read more about the quilt here:

Another of the banners I shipped from home hung in
the dining room of the corner condo.
Bonnie and I posed in front of the Hanso Foundation banner
in our matching "LOST Lighthouse" shirts.
(not planned - happy coincidence)
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Lottery Ticket shipped some LOST art from her home
that adorned a wall in the main living room of the corner condo.

The adjacent condo was where "the boys" bunked
and was the primary location for the LOSTie party on
Comic Con Eve.

Patrick McKinley had an impressive 
"Namaste New Recruits" banner made for the occasion.
I didn't measure it, but the banner must have spanned 
at least 10 feet.

Note: Pat was also responsible for the fantastic Dharma Comic Con
banner displayed at the EW Totally LOST panel.
 The fabulous Jo Garfein made the arrangements
and it was pinned to the dais with several of her 
jopinionated mini buttons.
(photo courtesy Chris Leaning - with blue bunny edited out)

And what would a LOSTie party be without
 a polar bear and a palm tree? 
The polar bear was a cardboard standup -
measuring about 4 1/2 feet at its tallest point.

The inflatable palm tree was about 5 1/2 feet tall.
Kudos to Paul McQue/LOST_4815162342 for inflating it 
with amazing lung capacity all by himself.
(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

This view is looking down from main floor balcony
during the LOSTie party.
(photo courtesy Patrick McKinley)

I also shipped my LOST bus shelter poster from home
and it took up quite a bit of a wall on the bottom level of condo #2.
In this photo Jo Garfein leads the LOST trivia quiz at the party.
(photo courtesy Bonnie Green)

Posters by Zort70/Ian Knight decorated both condos.
The posters incorporated three of Ian's LOST designs, 
two of which are available on Tshirts and other 
merchandise in his CafePress store.

Even the bathrooms received a LOST-over....
(photo courtesy Rob Perrin)

oops! one of the recruits left the seat up!

I'll be posting more photos from the LOSTie party 
as I get permission from my friends. 
Some would like to remain anonymous and
I want to respect their wishes.


  1. True fact -- the polar bear above now makes its home at an Enterprise car rental facility just outside LAX airport!

  2. hahahaha Can you imagine the expression of the person who first discovered the polar bear at Enterprise?

  3. My Paper Pals!!! How cool! :D