Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday at Comic-Con.- Part 1

Friday was another AMAZING day at Comic-Con!
It is still almost too much to wrap my head around,
even two weeks later.

The day started with plans of attending one of the two autograph 
signings that Jon Favreau had mentioned the previous night.

Several of my Barracks housemates planned
on continuing to chase down the Cowboys and Aliens
"gold bricks" that were given away at various
locations in the Gaslamp district of San Diego.
They strategically placed themselves at locations
throughout the Gaslamp district, poised for the twitter
alerts that determined each "drop".

The gold bricks were actually made of gold cardboard,
fashioned into the shape of a gold bar. Inside the box
was either a rubber gauntlet (modeled on the one 
Daniel Craig wore in the movie) or a
Cowboys and Aliens Tshirt.
A little card inside the box determined if you had
won tickets with a "Congratulations"
or "Try Again" (loser).

Scoutpost got in line at the second autograph
signing location at the Hard Rock Hotel
and I headed for the Exhibition Hall
at Comic-Con where the first autograph
session was scheduled for 11 AM.

I tried to con my way into the Exhibition Hall early
with every Lucy Ricardo trick I ever learned.
But the security at Comic-Con didn't fall for any of it.
I headed for the G4 booth as soon as the doors
officially opened, and so began the process
of hurry up and wait. Again.

I circled the G4 booth and checked back for about  
1 1/2 hours until the wristbands for the Favreau/Struzan 
signing were distributed. We weren't allowed to officially get 
in line for the signing however, so I lurked in vicinity.
And lurked. And lurked. Then it was a case of MOVE IT NOW.
And the line progressed quickly.

We were each handed the Drew Struzen print,
and I was thrilled to see it was a limited edition,
numbered print - mine is 219/500.

Drew Struzen is an iconic movie poster artist,
responsible for over 150 movie prints including
Indiana Jones films, Star Wars films
and the Back to the Future trilogy.

Jon Favreau and Drew Struzen signing my print.

Close-ups of the Signatures


I'm just so proud to own a
Struzen print! Signed! Numbered!

After signing my print. John Favreau made
a big production of handing me one
of the gold bricks - shaking it first and
adding that it "sounded lucky".
Upon checking the card inside, 
I quickly tweeted the news to my friends still
in search of winning bricks.

...followed by a tweet to alert
them to get to next signing and win:

And they listened.
We would ALL be going to the World Premiere 
of Cowboys and Aliens!!!
So exciting! And it wasn't even noon yet! 

Next:  The Totally LOST Panel at Comic-Con

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