Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fan Girl Squeeeeeee! My questions answered in Part Three!

As the final video of Henry Ian Cusick
answering Twitter questions from his fans posted,
I was en route to deal with some family business.
But thanks to the mobile notifications
option on Twitter, I was able to experience
the instant gratification of viewing it immediately.

I am a total and utter goofus when it comes to stuff
like this. Most of the time I am a confident,
professional woman. But I become a blithering idiot
when it comes to interaction with the cast and crew of LOST.
It's just overwhelming to me...
and this is IAN!!!
and so my dorky questions:
(I HAD to ask that question considering the ridiculous
amount of LOST and Desmond-themed art
in my collection.)

The responses to  my questions begin at the 2:09 mark.
My questions are answered back to back.

"Send me some."
Cue the swooning. 

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