Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Decorating the Swan - Kitchen

The Swan Station Playset did not include a kitchen.
I thought it would be a fairly easy addition to make since
the kitchen in the Swan "floated" in the middle of the room, and
wouldn't have to be a permanent installation.

It took almost 6 months of eBay searches before 
I found a vintage Barbie kitchen that would work. 
I sawed the "nearly" one inch base from the bottom
of the cabinets to bring down the unit
to Mego scale.

The back of the unit was open, since it was intended
to be placed along a wall. I solved that issued 
with a piece of foam core cut to size, and covered
with wood grain contact paper. Paneling was all
the rage back when the Swan was constructed!
It will be permanently glued into place. 

I decided to personalize the kitchen a bit
by adding a message board affixed to the side
of the cabinet base.

I need to stock the kitchen with some pots and pans,
and it will be ready for Dharma cuisine preparation.

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