Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Juliet Arrives on THE ISLAND

I have been wanting to costume Mego Juliet
in outfits other than the 1977 peasant top and jeans. 
But the molded hair on the figure made removing 
the top impossible. So I ordered a second Mego Juliet
and she arrived today!

I cut off the peasant top. Removal of the jeans and shoes
was not an issue. I decided to first dress her in the outfit
Juliet wears when arriving on The Island.

The cap sleeve top is from a Breyer vet doll.
(I also used this shirt for the 
Peg Bundy -> Helen Norwood makeover)
The skirt, jacket and purse are from Bratz doll
clothes lots that I purchased on eBay.
The belt is from a pair of Bratz Boyz shorts. 
I shortened it and fastened it with a velcro dot 
in the back.

I probably need to build a little submarine dock
to recreate the scene accurately. 

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