Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Decorating the Swan - Living Room

I came up with two options for the 
living room area of the Swan playset.
The first features Sawyer and the bear rug from previous post:

The second option is more accurate to the
actual Swan Station living room:

I added a coffee table, but really the pink has to go. 
I'll probably repaint brown.
 "Pillar candles" and a "Dharma Life" magazine 
complete the decor. 
The pillar candles on tray are birthday candles, cut to size.
The Dharma Life magazine cover feature Jonah Adkin's 
LOST Retrospective Map from previous post:

Hurley seems to find the space comfortable,
which is really the point of a living room.

(Apparently the comic book survived Michael throwing it into the fire!)

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