Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Season Three Crew Shirt

I'd not seen this shirt before and came
across it during one of my daily internet searches 
for all things LOST.

This crew shirt is from Season 3 and features 
"The Flame" on the front.
Underneath the Dharma logo
are the words "Love Patchy".

A drawing of Mikhail is on the back of the
shirt along with a Russian phrase.
I have no idea as to what it says.
Translation would be appreciated if 
anyone who stumbles across this post
can read Russian. 


  1. I could be wrong, I am by no means an expert but I think it says Bol’shoye spasibo! Which is Thank you very much! :-)

  2. No worries, never seen this particular design before. The variety with the crew shirts is amazing, just when you think you've seen them all a new design pops up on eBay.