Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: *SIDEWAYS* Detectives Straume & Ford

The Sideways timeline of LOST Season 6 
gave us such different views of the characters.

Detectives Straume & Ford were probably
my 2nd favorite (just behind uber-successful Desmond)

The transformation for each started with 
the original shirt for both Mego Miles & Mego Sawyer.
I added cargo pants from a Mego spy figure for
Miles and dark-wash jeans for Sawyer.
The detectives each wear "leather" jackets from
Bratz Boyz wardrobes.   

The badges were created from mini photos
 of badges, mounted on craft foam cut to shape.
I used one ply of a picture hanging wire twist
to make chains for each badge.

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