Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Decorating the Swan

Scott Adams aka @Megoscott
created the most amazing playset 
for the LOST Megos!

I first saw the Swan Station Playset in 
person at the LOSTie party
at "The Barracks" during Comic Con 2011:

I had to have one!!!
Scott relented and duplicated the Swan Station 
for myself and two others.

I haven't had the time until recently
to begin assembling the accessories 
that Scott provided and adding my own touches,
starting with the bookcase wall.
Scott provided the cardboard stereo receiver and 
reel to reel pictured on the top
shelf in a box of accessories that arrived with the playset.
 The bank of books on the middle shelf was included as well.
I printed the .pdf from Scott's blog to make the individual books:
Valis and The Third Policeman on the middle shelf,
and Ulysses and Watership Down on the bottom shelf. 
I added a Mego-sized globe (mounted on a funky bead)
as my own personal touch.
The albums pictured on the bottom shelf 
were included with the playset in the form of two printed
pages. I finally cut out and assembled them last week.

Scott's Swan Station has a record player on  the
bottom shelf, but I didn't have any luck
finding one that was shallow enough to fit.
But I DID find an amazing "Elvis"
suitcase-style miniature that works for me! 

I used a TV tray intended for a 8" wrestling figure
as the stand. 

Finally, the projection screen for the "Orientation Film"
is temporarily filled with a still photo of Dr. Chang.
There is a cavity behind the screen to install
an ipod to play the entire video, but I have to my ipod first...

I'm pleased with the overall result of my efforts
and plan to add a few more books to the bottom shelf
very soon.

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