Monday, July 8, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: "Two players, two sides. One is light. One is dark."

I knew I wanted a backgammon board 
for Mego Locke. I searched and searched
on eBay and online stores specializing in
miniatures.  Everything was either 1:6 (Barbie)
scale or 1:12 scale.....nothing 1:9 scale!

8 months later, I found it!  I entered measurements
of standard backgammon board into 
calculator and divided by nine for Mego size
to be certain. Eureka!

I also decided to make some backdropsfor my LOST Megos.  
My dining room table just doesn't capture 
the essence of of LOST properly.

A 3-panel project board supplied 4 backdrops.
Each backdrop is a familiar LOST location,
printed as a 4-page poster, and adhered to project board.
I set up in my back yard, added some play sand
and voila!....the beach!

The part of Walt is played by a Mego "Buckwheat"
from the Our Gang/Little Rascals series of toys.
I found him for $8.16 on eBay.
(yeah, I know... one cent off!)

I removed his boots and replaced his shirt
with a more Walt-like fashion choice
from a Bratz Boyz doll.

I used a small paper punch to
make the backgammon pieces that
Mego Locke is holding.
It is the paper punch
I purchased to make Mego Hurley's
Connect Four game.

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