Monday, July 15, 2013

LOST Reunion 2014

THIS is happening. And I am going.

LOST 2014 - The Ten Year Reunion

A new web site has been launched with the details, updates
and all information related to the LOSTie Reunion
in Hawaii celebrating the 10 year anniversary
of the LOST Pilot.

Life's emergencies tend to attack and devour
any extra money I might save, so
I started a Smarty Pig online savings account
in December 2011 specifically for this event.
I can't touch the money until I reach my goal 
amount and then the money is released in the form
of a prepaid Visa card.

Weekly deposits made in form of bank draft
from my checking account in a very nominal amount
have added up, with no pain or bruising to my budget.
I am currently at 74% of my goal!
I can't wait. Seriously. 

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