Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Walkabout Locke

I HAVE to say that Scott Adams customized 
Walkabout Locke first and much more skillfully
 than I ever could.
His version here.

I didn't want to copy him.
(even if I could, which I can't...he is the master!)
He custom-made Locke's shirt.
Mine is from a Bratz Boyz wardrobe.
The khaki pants I purchased were too small, 
so I borrowed Mego Jabob's pants.

The wheelchair is from a Mego-sized wrestling figure.

I made the knife case from a wrestling figure
rolling suitcase, sprayed with chrome paint.
It is lined with black craft foam, cut to size.
I think Scott hand sculpted his knives.
I cheated and purchased several that I thought would work.
The walkabout brochure is a miniature version
of the prop replica included with
the McFarlane Toys Locke figure.
Scott included it on a prop .pdf on his site.

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