Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wanted: Desmond Action Figure

This post has nothing to do with items in my collection.
It does however, deal with a giant hole of LACK.
Whiney, whiney me...
I want a Desmond action figure!!!

I watched the LOST DVD featurette,
"LOST in Clay: Creating the Toys of Todd McFarlane"
and anxiously awaited the release of the
Series 3 figures: Desmond, Ben, Sayid and Claire.
Screen captures of Henry Ian Cusick being scanned
for creation of his figure:

Conceptual drawing of Desmond figure: 

Alas, Series 3 was canceled. 
And although Ben, Sayid and Claire 
made it to release as Bif Bang Pow!
LOST action figures, Desmond did not.

The Desmond Bobble Head by
Bif Bang Pow! is cool -I have two of them, 
both at work and at home.
But it just isn't the same......

I'm going to have to do something about this.
Stay tuned.  

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