Sunday, January 6, 2013

LOST Thought and LOST Thought University Edition

I previously posted about
Pearson Moore's LOST books:

I also purchased LOST Thought

I was so excited to hear about its
publication since the contributors 
are people I have followed through their essays
blogs, podcasts and LOST books for years:

Bloggers and Authors:

Pearson Moore (LOST Humanity, LOST Identity)

Nationally Recognized Literary Scholars:

Amy Bauer, Ph.D. (Professor of Music)

Cynthia Burkhead, Ph.D. (Professor of English)

Jeffrey Frame, Ph.D. (Professor of Theater and Film)

Delano Freeberg, Ph.D. (Analytical Scientist)

Julia Guernsey-Pitchford, Ph.D. (Professor of English)

Michelle Lang, Ph.D. (Professor of Art)

Antonio Savorelli, Ph.D. (Film and Literary Studies)

Paul Wright, Ph.D. (Professor of English)

Jamie R. Smith (Professor of English)

LOST Scholars:

Jennifer Galicinski (Theology)

C. David Milles (Literary and Film Studies)

Erin Carlyle (Women's Studies)

Gozde Kilic (Cultural Studies)

Kevin McGinnis (Religious Studies)

Then around Christmas, I saw a Facebook post
that LOST Thought was being released as a
University Edition, with 8 additional essays and 74
additional pages! Sold! 

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