Thursday, December 30, 2010

Literary LOST by Sarah Clarke Stuart

I had a nice surprise waiting in the mailbox for me yesterday.
I didn't expect to receive this book until sometime in January.

The description of the book from 
"This is an accessible exploration of the cult TV show "Lost", looking particularly at its fascinating use of novels, plays, stories, and other literary texts. From the moment that Watership Down made its appearance on screen in season one, speculation about "Lost"'s literary allusions has played an important role in the larger discussion of the show. Fans and critics alike have noted the many references, from biblical passages and children's stories to science fiction and classic novels. "Literary Lost" teases out the critical significance of these featured books, demonstrating how literature has served to enhance the meaning of the show. It provides a fuller understanding of "Lost" and reveals how television can be used as a tool for stimulating a deeper interest in literary texts. The first chapter features an exhaustive list of '"Lost" books', including the show's predecessor texts. Subsequent chapters are arranged thematically, covering topics from free will and the nature of time to parenthood and group dynamics. From Lewis Carroll's creations, which appear as recurring images and themes throughout, to Slaughterhouse-Five's lessons on the nature of time, "Literary Lost" will help readers unravel the show's novelistic plot while celebrating its astonishing layers and nuances of text."

Literary LOST will be a useful addition to my epic LOST rewatch.

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