Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LOST Numbers Print by Ian Knight, Embellished by Henry Ian Cusick

I have often mentioned the amazing people I have met 
and lifelong friendships formed through LOST.

Ian Knight aka Zort70 is one of those people.
He managed to surprise me with one of the
 most magnificent gifts that I have ever received.

Ian attended Collectormania in England on May 26
and posted a photo on Twitter of Henry Ian Cusick 
holding up his LOST Numbers design print. 

This particular design is special to me
as it hung in the front window of the LOSTie
house dubbed "The Barracks" during Comic Con
2011. It now graces my kitchen door window.
It is also the lockscreen on my iPhone.

Monday's mail arrived and my neighborhood
was subjected to shrieks of joy and many tears.
The poster was for meeeeeeeeeeee!

I am overwhelmed and thrilled and stunned.
Two Ians collaborated and I am still doing my 
happy dance 12 hours later.


"Stained Numbers" is back from the frame shop!

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