Wednesday, November 17, 2010

drMikey's Harmonic Resonance Project

I am a huge fan of Mike Stanton's (aka drMikey) art and have purchased six of his LOST-themed print: System Failure, Progress, Locke in Black, Ab Aeterno, Unstuck and Charlie's Shoe. They each be seen through previous posts or at his online store:

He recently painted 15 different portraits of the LOST Season One cast and offered the paintings for sale through the solving of daily puzzles called the Harmonic Resonance Project. The 15 images were later combined on a 24"x18" poster print titled "I Will Always Be LOST./I Will Never Be LOST Again". The print was created so as it has two orientations for hanging. drMikey generously made a gift of the print to me. My print is #32.
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