Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Adventures of Desmond: "Don't I know you?"

I need a Mego Charlie action figure!!!
That being said, I improvised to create
the scene following Desmond's departure 
from Charles Widmore's office.

The backdrop photo was taken by my friend @kiwilostie
on a trip to Hawaii.  It is the actual location where the
scene was filmed.  The British phone booth is intended
for Bratz dolls.  I spent an hour with cotton balls and 
fingernail polish remover clearing away the manufacturer-printed
Bratz grafitti on the window panels.

I found the guitar and case on eBay after a 2 month
exhaustive search.  I didn't like the guitars intended for 
Mego-scale figures and definitely wanted a 
guitar case for Mego Hurley to transport 
the Ankh to THE ISLAND!

I dressed Sawyer in a Union Jack Tshirt as stand-in
for Charlie and cropped the heck out of the photo
to create illusion of Mr. Pace.

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