Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Adventures of Desmond: Desmond Visits Oxford

I decided the best way to capture Mego Desmond's
trip to Oxford to visit Daniel Faraday would be to focus
on Eloise.  There is no Mego Daniel Faraday 
and none of the LOST Megos 
bears enough resemblance to Daniel, even from behind
to use as a stand-in.

"I'm sorry? How is a rat running through a 
bloody maze so incredible?"

Desmond is dressed in a gray pullover sweater 
from a Bratz Boyz lot purchased on eBay. 
The brown leather jacket is also intended for a Bratz Boyz
figure.  I previously used the jacket for Mego Sawyer
in his *Sideways* reality as Detective Ford. 
The houndstooth scarf is a bit of ribbon, trimmed to size.
I think the ensemble is a pretty close match to
Desmond's wardrobe in the scene:

I constructed the chalkboard from green craft foam.
I used an oil-based Sharpie paint pen to replicate 
Daniel's equations.  Eloise was purchased from Classic TV Toys.
I used the top of of a small cardboard box for the frame
of the maze.  I cut the bottom of the box into strips to construct
the maze panels and covered the cardboard in 
wood-grain contact paper.

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