Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Adventures of Desmond: Lance-Corporal Hume

Lance Corporal Hume seemed to spend most of his
time in the pouring rain.  However, I do not know
how waterproof Mego Desmond is, so I opted to
allow him to remain dry during his phone call to Penny.

"Penny listen. I'm in trouble.  I think something's happened to me.
I'm confused. I need to see you."

This was a difficult wardrobe to put together
as only US military uniforms are available for purchase.
The older Mego-scale WWI & WWII uniforms aren't
even a close facsimile. I opted for US Navy fatigues 
from Classic TV Toys.  I cut the brim off of the cap and
scrunched the cap down on one side and super-glued
in place to attempt to replicate a beret.

I reused the Bratz phone booth from a previous scene.

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