Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Adventures of Desmond: Meet Charles Widmore

Let's face it. Charles Widmore was a real bastard....
a condescending SOB, who belittled 
and humiliated Desmond.

"to share it with you would be a waste..."

Mego Charles is actually a random head purchased from
Classic TV Toys that happened to look like Charles Widmore.
The description of the head is "old man with short gray hair".
I popped the head on a Mego body and dressed Charles
in Mego Jack's black suit..

Desmond is dressed in gray suit, also purchased from  
Classic TV Toys.  I used the desk from the Swan Station
Playset computer room.  Desmond's chair is from a lot
of "wrestling figure" accessories purchased on eBay.
The MacCutcheon bottle was purchase on eBay as well. 
(I added the label.)  The two crystal glasses are hand-blown beads

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