Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Adventures of Desmond - First Flash

"Flashes Before Your Eyes" is one of my top
three favorite episodes of LOST. 

And so the adventures of Mego Desmond
continue with Desmond's *flash* back to
his fall from a ladder while repainting his
apartment to please Penny.

This scene took me some time to construct.
I used small craft sticks, hand-laid and glued to foam core 
to make the wooden floor.  I taped off paint-roller widths
of area on the walls before spray painting red to
replicate unpainted areas.
The paint on the floor was sprayed on as well.
The paint tray pan was make from aluminum foil. 
I found the paint can, roller and brush on eBay.
The ladder came from Classic TV Toys
Desmond is wearing jumpsuit from Mego seamstress Theressa.
(It became a Dharma jumpsuit once the Swan patch was added.)

I think this scene turned out as close as possible to original 
(without ruining a jumpsuit with red paint)

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