Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Adventures of Desmond: "Brotha Desmond"

I decided to recreate the "Adventures of Desmond"
in chronological order.

So we begin with Brotha Desmond.

The monk robe is from a Mego "Friar Tuck".
However, Desmond is much taller than Friar Tuck
so I added a pair of brown pants since the robe 
was too short.  Desmond's robe did not include the shawl
collar, but the robe is made of a cheap nylony fabric,
and the first robe shredded when I tried to remove it.
So it stayed in place on the second robe.
I used a piece of hemp cord as sash for the robe.

I scanned and miniaturized the Moriah Vineyards
wine bottle labels from my collection and attached
to some bottles I found on eBay.  

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