Friday, August 2, 2013

Bonnie-Con: "The 100"

I didn't get to go to Comic Con this year.
I failed in my attempt to obtain a 4 day pass, 
or ANY day pass for that matter. 

But I have amazing friends who are kind and generous,
and remembered me in their swag hauls.
So I am calling these awesome deliveries 
my own personal geek fest.

The first fantastic friend has asked to remain anonymous....
(A third mutual pal would be devastated that 
"The 100" poster ended up with me.)

Henry Ian Cusick will be starring in the new
The CW show "The 100", premiering mid-season.

"Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization,
when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends
100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly
repopulating the planet."

The poster is signed by:
Isaiah Washington - Chancellor Jaha
Henry Ian Cusick (yay!) - Councillor Kane
Eliza Taylor - Clarke Walters
Matthew Miller- Executive Producer
Thomas McDonell - Finn
Jason Rothenberg - Executive Producer
Marie Avgeropoulos - Octavia Black

I have already framed it!

The autograph-signing wristband was included
 in the care package.


  1. Great collection. I just started collecting. Do you have pics of an overview of everything you have, like an overview of your Lost room?

  2. I also have a Lost collection page if you want to join. You collection is massive compared to mine, but I am trying to post memorabilia and props and share with other collectors. :)

  3. Walking Dead Gurl - the collection has grown past just one room. The spare bedroom is completely filled with storage tubs full of memorabilia and other pieces are scattered throughout my house. My office at work is filled with LOST art as well. I don't have any one area large enough to display everything. I guess I could stand on a ladder and try to take a picture of the LOST room though. :)