Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun With LOST Megos: Jungle Juliet

I've been meaning to dress Mego Juliet in
what I call  her Jungle Juliet" look for some time,
but I misplaced the blue shirt for awhile.

Dressing the female LOST Megos is extremely difficult.
The molded hair makes it nearly impossible
to get shirt collars completely in place.
I struggled with tweezers for about 10 minutes, 
working the shirt under Mego Juliet's hair.

Mego Juliet is wearing a white tank from
a Bratz clothes lot I found on eBay,
Her shirt is from Classic TV Toys.
I cut off the long sleeves to about elbow length
 to make them easier to roll up - less fabric bulk to deal with.
The pants are from a Breyers Vet doll. I originally used
the pants to dress Mego Helen Norwood
I purchased several of the rifles from Classic TV Toys.
Two of them occupy the gun racks in the 
Swan Station Playset.

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