Thursday, June 19, 2014

Squirrel Baby On Board

I’ve wanted a *Squirrel Baby on Board* sign since I saw a photo 
of one in Wired Magazine. The photo accompanied an interview 
with Darlton during Season 6 and was taken in the LOST writers’ 
room. Someone had made a mockup of Squirrel Baby on the bulletin board.

I commissioned a Squirrel Baby sketch from Ryan Dunlavey a few 
years ago during his $10 commissions. I decided to use that image
for my Squirrel Baby on Board sign (yes, I obtained his 
permission) and asked Ian Knight to do the sign layout. 
(If I had any skill with anything like that, I would younger, 
taller, thinner, prettier in every photo you’ve ever seen of me.) 
He did a fabulous job and I am thrilled with the results!

The minimum order I could place was 250, so I am donating 225 
of the SBOB signs to Cancer Gets LOST as donation incentives 
during LOST 2014 in Hawaii. (They’ll be available for minimum 
$5 donation at the CGL event on 9/22/14) I kept the remaining
25 to send to some of the awesome and amazing friends I have
 made through LOST and LOST Args.

One hangs in the rear window of my car.

I have a second SBOB on display in my
"LOST Bottle" Shadowbox.

I asked my friends to send me photos of their 
Squirrel Baby On Board signs and made a collage
of the photos I've received to date.

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