Monday, January 31, 2011

Peg Bundy----->Helen Norwood

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have become
fascinated with LOST Megos and the possibilities for 
customization after reading Scott Adams's blog 

I followed up on a lot of his suggestions
and purchased a Peg Bundy figure from the
'Married With Children" Series at
It's kind of difficult to realize that Katey Sagal
was Peggy Bundy before she was Helen Norwood or even
Gemma Teller-Morrow.

BifBangPow! was obviously not going to issue a "Helen"
figure to keep John Locke company, so customizing a Peg Bundy
figure seemed a logical choice.

Peg needs a makeover.....

First to go was the necklace and spandex outfit.
Helen is much more conservative than Peg.
The earrings are molded as part of the head, so they have to stay.

I redressed Peg in a sleeveless denim shirt and tan pants and
brown boots I removed from a Breyer Vet doll. I bought the
Vet figure on Ebay (for cheap), specifically for her clothes and accessories.
(I'll save the lab coat and stethoscope for
 customizing my Jack Shephard figure.)

Next in the transformation of Peg into Helen came the haircut.
Doll hair is more difficult to work with than I realized.
(but then again, I haven't cut a doll's hair since I was five and
took my my frustration from an ugly pixie haircut out on Barbie)
Hair styled as best as I could manage, modifying the hair color
 was next step. Here I am an expert.......I used the snippets of Peg's
 hair that I cut off to test what method would work best for toning 
down the vibrant pinkish red to a more subdued color. A brown Crayola 
marker actually yielded the best result. (I taped over the doll face 
to avoid getting overlap from coloring Peg's roots.)

The result:

I didn't realize that Helen's head is overly large until 
John Locke  joined her for a little smooch time. 
It was a little tricky photographing the two together
 while minimizing the head size differences...

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  1. I'm so impressed with your project, I thought I'd be the only one to try this, but ou actually beat me to it! The clothes from the Breyer doll were a great idea. It's too bad about the head size, that can be a problem with some of those CTVTs. I hope I didn't steer you wrong! I'll update my blog to let people know it's an issue.

    Thanks for playing with your toys!