Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Holy Grail

I began collecting LOST Trading Cards 
from Inkworks as soon as they were released. 
My Season 1 set, Revelations and Season 2 sets
are complete, including variations, dealer case incentives,
and promo cards.

But I was lacking one final card in the 
Inkworks LOST Season 3 set.
It was the Holy Grail for me: the autographed
propworks card containing a piece of Oceanic 815
and signed by Greg Grunberg.

Rarer trading cards can be very pricey. 
The quest is to find the elusive card at the right price. 
I've spent over $100 on an individual card, but
prices on the autographed propworks card
were well over $200, closer to $250 for several
years after the set was released....
too much!

I finally found the card for the right price
and made it my Christmas gift to myself.

As with all of my prop, wardrobe/costume, autograph
and ACEO cards, the card has been placed
in a screw-down holder. I have made a 
substantial investment in my collection
and want to be sure that the cards are properly
protected. The screw-down holders ensure
archival storage.

Rittenhouse Archives began producing 
LOST Trading cards after Inkworks went out of business.
There are three Rittenhouse LOST Trading card sets
that I am currently trying to complete:
LOST Seasons 1-5
LOST Archives
LOST Relics
 I am lacking about 10 cards
to complete all three sets.
The quest coninues!

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