Saturday, October 23, 2010

LOST Charm Bracelet

...another of the very special items made by one of my LOST pals. My friend Lottery Ticket made this bracelet using photos she took at various LOST events during the final season. The photos include the red carpet arrival of the LOST cast at "Sunset on the Beach" in Hawaii for the season 6 premiere. Lotto made the bracelet for Comixguru's Finale Party in Los Angeles. Alice/Comixguru kindly sent me a goodie bag filled with the party favors.

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  1. Andalone! You have a bracelet. Thanks, comixguru for sharing. There are 15 of these bits of silliness, all with different image combinations. I didn't even get one. lol From left to right: Director Jack Bender taken at S6 Premier red carpet, photo of gifted Taweret from Lost Underground Art Project now with via generous donation to Autism Speaks via 30-Hour Podcast with Jay & Jack, Harold Perrineau "Michael" S6 Premier red carpet, the chicken hat worn at Lost Underground Art Project, signed by Jorge Garcia and auctioned at 30-Hour Podcast with Jay & Jack, Terry O'Quinn at S6 Premier, and photo from Sunset Beach, Oahu, HI S6 Premier.