Thursday, April 29, 2010

LOST Memorial Wristband

This awesome LOST Memorial Wristband went on presale yesterday. The first wave of 200 sold out in less than a day, but there will be a second wave on sale soon. The cost is $4.23 plus shipping, and $1.00 of each sale goes to the
Children's Defense Fund.
I will be wearing mine as I mourn the end of LOST. I also ordered a number of others to give to some of my LOSTIE pals.
Presale #2 will be the final chance to get one of the wristbands, with the total quantity manufactured limited to 523
(date of finale - clever :D).
Sales information and updates can be found at

The second wave of 100 wristbands sold out tonight (Monday, May 3.)
Wave #3 of another 100 goes on sale Wednesday, May 5 at 4PM ET.
And the final batch goes on sale Friday, May 7 at 10 AM ET.

There has also been updated information that additional wristbands will be available to purchase sometime after finale.

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