Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rittenhouse LOST Archives - 3 Case Incentive Card

Rittenhouse LOST Archives trading card set
included a very rare 3 case dealer incentive card.

It is a "relic" card, containing a piece of Banyan tree bark.
Banyan trees were often shown on LOST.

Banyan is a type of tropical fig with a distinct growth
pattern of aerial roots. The trees often begin as a 
seedling that has sprouted on another tree.  As the  
tree grows, the roots grow over the trunk of the host.
The roots, growing thick and woody and fusing where they
meet, become a cage-like structure surrounding the host,
which eventually dies. When the dead host rots away,
a hollow space remains.....

.....a place to hide from polar bears and Smoke Monsters
and  where Charlie was hung by Ethan ( among other scenes).

My card is #96/250. 

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