Monday, November 9, 2009

Inkworks LOST Trading Cards




I have mentioned my duplicates dilemma several times. Inkworks LOST Trading Cards are a great example of this issue. I have a filled album of the base set, promo cards, chase cards, box toppers, and case loaders for each issue. I decided that I needed to store the pieceworks and autograph cards in a more protected manner. So that necessitated duplicating the cards in each album to accompany the special cards.

Inkworks issued a preview set, four full sets, and several special edition collector sets for Comic Con in San Diego. Additionally each full set release was preceded by a number of promo cards. The four full set were Season 1, Revelations, Season 2 and Season 3. Unfortunately, Inkworks went out of business earlier this year before Season 4 cards could be released.

I will briefly cover each release in future entries, since I am including the autograph cards in the Autograph posts.
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