Saturday, May 15, 2010

LOST Underground Art Project - COMPLETE SET!

I am humbled and elated and proud and well, just too many emotions to express, to announce that I was able to complete my set of all 16 prints from The LOST Underground Art Project.  The final print needed to complete my collection was obtained for me through the efforts of a person who has become an amazing friend and who I respect and admire on so many levels.

I was only missing Daniel Danger's print "and that's why my hand was shaking..." aka Jacob's Cabin.  Mr. Danger released his copies last Thursday, and the print was purchased on my behalf.   It has not arrived at my home yet, but I think it has become my favorite possession already.  It will forever symbolize how many wonderful people I have met because of LOST and in particular, a few very close friendships that will continue for a lifetime.

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